How to Choose the Best Form of CBD for Your Health and Wellbeing

How to Choose the Best Form of CBD for Your Health and Wellbeing

CBD has become more accessible than ever before. From creams to roll-ons to oils and everything in between, knowing the different forms of CBD can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for the best CBD product to suit your needs, here’s how to find a delivery method that’s compatible with your body and goals.

Topical Options

Topical CBD types include anything that you apply to, rub on or massage into your body, such as creams and roll-ons. This external delivery method targets relaxation, aiming to ease aches, cut back on discomfort and soothe the muscles. Creams, lotions, massage oils, balms, transdermal patches and other similar products release CBD into your bloodstream in a sustained, prolonged fashion compared to other delivery methods.

Though each product varies, topical application can be as effective as oral forms of CBD. In particular, lotions and creams allow the user to apply as needed on the body, making them a more targeted option for soothing problem spots. Level Select has you covered, with creams and roll-ons with varying levels of CBD.

Sublingual: Oils and Tinctures

Typically, CBD oils are best delivered sublingually, which means you place the drops under your tongue to ingest them. This ensures quick absorption into the body and allows you to control the dose — oil droppers help users exercise precise control over their individual dosage — though you can opt for slower absorption by adding CBD oil to everything from smoothies to coffee to homemade pastries.

Oils and tinctures are often among the most concentrated forms of CBD delivery, and the cannabidiol is mixed with a carrier agent to add flavor to the product — we use natural citrus, mint or vanilla flavors, for instance.

Other Ingestion Methods

Oil and tinctures aren’t the only oral delivery method available. CBD is finding its way into beverages ranging from green juice to teas as well as vitamin-like capsules, cookies, flavorful gummies and much more. Our Purity Organic CBD teas offer a convenient option that helps speed along and even out the metabolization process.

Finding the Right Form of CBD For You

From oils and creams, to gummies and teas, there is a CBD product available to suit your needs. The wisest, safest method for exploration is simple, and as true here as it is across all forms of CBD: always start low and go slow to find what works best for you, your body and your performance goals.

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Dan Ketchum is an LA-based freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. In the healthcare field, he’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as LIVESTRONG, Dermstore, FOCL, Jillian Michaels, Vitagenne, USA Today, SFGate, The Seattle Times and more.


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