Team LVL

Run Too Hard & Level Select Sport Performance

Welcome to a relay race unlike any other. Fully unsupported, no rules, no course. Just 300 runners, a caravan of RVs, and a lot of desert road. Team LVL is partnering with Run Too Hard's 15-person relay team as they look to conquer the 340 miles of desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The rules are simple: get to Vegas as fast as possible. On foot of course.

New Year New LVL

2023 was a year of growth and progress for Team LVL. We launched products that you loved, augmented our sustainability efforts, and engaged with the community. We partnered with run clubs, golf tournaments, and recreational sport leagues. With 2023 in the books, we’re looking to the future. We’ve been in the lab busy formulating new products. As always, efficacy and quality are our top priorities. Keep reading to find out about all the big updates Level Select has in store for 2024!

Avoiding Seasonal Hibernation

It's easy to slip into seasonal hibernation. We get it. Who doesn’t like big comfy sweaters, hot drinks by the fireplace, and months of rest? Luckily for you, tough love and motivation are part of the culture at Team LVL. We're here to help you stay active and skirt hibernation this upcoming holiday season.

Ingredients That Work

Here at Team LVL our mission is to help you rise above the physical hurdles that come with time and repetition. With that in mind, we created Level Select CBD to stand out as the tool for relief and recovery. How? Simple: efficacy and quality are our top priorities. Keep reading to learn more about the LVL difference and our ingredients that work.

The Next LVL

At Level Select, we’ve been grinding to take things to the next LVL. We value our relationship with you and want to share exciting news about upcoming changes as well as our sustainability efforts.