Run Too Hard & Level Select Sport Performance

Run Too Hard & Level Select Sport Performance

"The Speed Project has a reputation for being one of the hardest - and most secretive - relay races in the world" - Runners World Magazine

Welcome to a relay race unlike any other. Fully unsupported, no rules, no course. Just 300 runners, a caravan of RVs, and a lot of desert road. Team LVL is partnering with Run Too Hard's 15-person relay team as they look to conquer the 340 miles of desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The goal is simple: get to Vegas as fast as possible. On foot of course.

Join LEVEL SELECT in partnering with and championing RUN TOO HARD as they prepare to push their limits and redefine boundaries. The Speed Project isn't just a race - it's a journey of grit, determination, and unyielding camaraderie. From the breezy beaches of Los Angeles through the scorching Mojave to the electric lights of Las Vegas, every step is a testament of strength and resilience.

Race Day

Picture it for yourself. It's 4:00am and you’re standing at the starting line, heart pounding with anticipation, surrounded by the fiercest runners on the planet. Get ready for the thrill of the unknown, pulse-quickening in anticipation of the 340-mile odyssey through some of the world's toughest terrain. Each leg of the relay presents a new challenge, a new test of endurance - but together, as a team, you'll conquer them all.

Feel the adrenaline surge as early morning turns into day and the sun sears your path. With every arduous mile you're one step closer to victory - to the ultimate triumph. But the clock is ticking, and the competition is fierce. Every step counts, every decision matters. Day turns to night and the stars illuminate your path. Nothing but moonlit desert in every direction as the cool air puts wind at your back.

You dig deeper, reaching beyond your perceived limitations to discover the true strength that lies within. Through blistering heat and bone-chilling cold, you'll forge ahead, fueled by the unwavering support of your teammates and your relentless pursuit of perfection. You know it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey - the shared moments of triumph and struggle, and the growth that comes from shattering adversity.

As the night softens into day, neon lights illuminate the desert sky and guide your way. Las Vegas beckons in the distance, but you're not there yet. Keep digging. Keep moving. Don't think. Don't feel. Reach for the deepest reserves of courage and determination and finish the job! When you cross the finish line the sense of accomplishment is transcendent. But you quickly realize that glory is ephemeral, and the race isn't over. In fact, you still have a long way to go. But this doesn't scare you. You know your indomitable spirit, forged from sheer will and determination, will continue to propel you forward.

A Note from Team LVL

To the Run Too Hard crew, Team LVL admires your ambition. Your fearless drive inspires us to reach higher. Good luck and know that we'll be by your side throughout the journey.

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