How to Boost Your Immune System with CBD

How to Boost Your Immune System with CBD

Most adults will experience two to three colds a year, each one lasting up to ten days. At best, it means a few days of coughing and sneezing. At worst, it can mean time off work and the possibility of developing more severe infections, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. When it’s over, we have our immune system to thank for returning us to normal each time without too much interruption.

But that system needs regular maintenance all year long. Learn how you can help support your immune system with our CBD oil infused with vitamin C.

A Peek Inside the Immune System

Silently, stealthily but with ruthless efficiency, the immune system fights a relentless battle with the microscopic bacteria, viruses and foreign antibodies that want to invade and infect our cells. Coursing through our veins are lymphocytes and T cells that lock onto antibodies and pathogens, destroying them without causing damage to the body’s healthy cells. Discomfort is often the only clue we have that our innate immune response is at work. Pathogen destruction (apoptosis) causes tissue damage, noticeable as swelling or discomfort until the conquered cells are flushed from the body.

How the Immune System Weakens

For all the battles the immune system fights on our behalf every moment, many of us fail to support its activity with the nutrients it requires, or we overstress its function through our lifestyle choices. Stress impacts the body’s ability to fight antigens, lowering the number of lymphocytes in the body and leaving us more vulnerable to infection. Likewise, smoking, poor diet and lack of sleep can all deplete the immune system’s resources. Overtraining is a common culprit for athletes, with colds more common and muscle or joint injuries taking longer to recover.

How CBD Supports Your Immune System

Studies have shown that CBD reduces discomfort and supports the production of the regulatory cells that control the body’s immune response. Our new Level C Immune Support CBD Oil Drops pack 40mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 33mg of vitamin C into each serving, making it the perfect addition to your well-being and fitness routine especially during cold and flu season.

Vitamin C is a crucial addition. It’s a potent antioxidant that supports cell function, particularly in the respiratory system — the route through which most viruses enter the body. During infections, the body can quickly become deficient in vitamin C and we need 100 to 200mg a day to stay healthy. However, most of us are not getting enough through our diet and vitamin C deficiency is the fourth most common nutrient deficiency in the U.S.

It’s About Long Term Care, Not a Quick Fix

Many of us make the mistake of reaching for vitamins and CBD at the first symptoms of a cold. That is usually too late. The immune system needs regular support and ongoing maintenance. Since vitamin C and CBD are not stored in the body, levels need to be topped up regularly. CBD is most effective in supporting immune function when it is part of an integrated, regular wellness routine.

Boost Imune system

A healthy, finely tuned endocannabinoid system is a robust preventive measure against colds and viruses. Give yours a boost today with our Level C Immune Support CBD Oil Drops.

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Nick Marshall is a freelance copywriter from the UK who has been spreading the word about CBD, wellness and food & drink for more than 10 years.


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