How Retired NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Uses CBD

How Retired NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Uses CBD

As quarterback for the Bengals, Raiders and Cardinals in an illustrious NFL career spanning 15 years, Carson Palmer left nothing behind on the field. Now the Heisman Trophy winner and three-time Pro-Bowler is focused on staying active, being adventurous and getting the most out of post-football life with the help of Level Select CBD.

Carson’s Fitness Regime

After 15 years of grueling training and football play that led to many injuries including a torn ACL, fractured ribs and a bruised nerve in his shoulder, he has faced lingering discomfort. You could forgive Carson for taking it easy in retirement, however, that’s not his plan.

With a fitness regime that includes skiing, lifting and regular cardio, he admits that training is, “almost as if I were getting ready for the season to start.” These days, he is staying in shape for better health and to enjoy time with his kids.

Taking Care of a Post-NFL Body with CBD

Now 41 years old, Carson plans to stay fit and active well into his forties and to get outdoors with the family. To manage soreness, Carson uses Level 3: 1200mg CBD Sports Cream and CBD Sports Roll-On both before activity and before bed. “It’s really helped me keep up with my kids and enjoy life the way I want to.” In fact, Carson even sent a box of Level Select CBD Sports Creams and CBD Sports Roll-Ons to his parents who are in their seventies.

General Health Well-being Advice with CBD From a Pro

Beyond taking good care of the elbow on his throwing arm, Carson also uses Level Select CBD for general well-being. Recovery after exercise has always been an important part of staying fit. “I think it’s really important to get a full night’s sleep right now,” he says. To relax, Carson uses a few drops of our Level Zzz: 2400mg CBD Oil Drops with Melatonin before bed for a good night’s sleep.

The View From the Quarterback

As a retired player, he’s hungry to experience as much as his body will allow and that means taking good care of his well-being and complimenting that with using CBD. Speaking to the Pat McAfee Show, Carson revealed how these days he’s focused on keeping up with his four young kids, and enjoying hunting, fishing and skiing. Level Select CBD helps him continue his post-playing career and athletic adventures with his kids.

Carson uses our Level Select CBD Sports Roll-On and CBD Sports Cream to manage sports injuries and muscle recovery, as well as CBD Oils for relaxation. To find out how you can support your active lifestyle, explore our full range of sports products across three different levels.

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