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What Is CBD and How Do You Use It?

Living an active lifestyle can lead to boundless adventure — and maybe a few aches and discomforts. Enter cannabidiol, or CBD. The non-psychoactive component in the hemp plant — meaning it won’t get you high — CBD is thought to help reduce discomfort, increase mobility, improve sleep and more.

Is Your CBD Not Working? Here Are 4 Reasons Why

All your friends swear by CBD but you're just not feeling the effects. There are several reasons for CBD not working, and you may have to do a little detective work to figure it out. Here are four things you need to know when CBD is not having the effects you expect or want.

Struggling To Fall Asleep Every Night? CBD Can Help

When you live an active, busy life, quality sleep can be hard to come by. If you’re finding it hard to fall — and stay — asleep these days, creating a supportive nighttime routine is super important. As part of your routine, integrating a CBD product infused with melatonin, like Level Zzz: 2400mg CBD Oil Drops with Melatonin and Restful Sleep CBD gummies, could help you find that much-desired shut-eye. Here’s how a CBD and melatonin supplement can fit into your sleep routine.

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